Talking to My Selves

A Journey into Awareness

by Betty Hughes




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Betty Hughes, the Author

Dissociative Identity Disorder, Talking to My Selves, childhood trauma, dissociative disorders, religious indoctrination, recurring despair, early childhood trauma, fight/flight mode, meaninglessness, surviving early trauma, personal growth models, expressive art, liberating creativity.

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“This is a very clear, very moving, account of Betty Hughes’ struggle with the legacy of abuse, and of her inspiring and encouraging journey to find peace and re-integration at the core of her multi-faceted self.” (Since retiring Sir Richard’s main preoccupation has been to study and disseminate more widely the work of his father Dr John Bowlby, the ‘begetter’ of the body of knowledge which came to be known as ‘attachment theory’.) Sir Richard and Xenia Bowlby

“Betty, one of the most playful, young-spirited people that I have had the joy to meet.” Tim Laurence, founder of the Hoffman Institute UK and Director of Hoffman International

“‘Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be,’ wrote Robert Browning. Betty Hughes at ninety is living proof of this. After years of confusion and pain as well as courage and creative resilience she has finally understood herself - or rather herselves…and now she has written a book on the process…The book spares the reader the unbearable toll of trauma that causes DID. There is no gratuitous dwelling on pain and the multiple causes of fragmentation. There is only a small verbal window into the reasons for her predicament. This leaves the powerful artwork to communicate in the space where words might have been too hurtful.” Dr Valerie Sinason ,PhD MACP M Inst Psychoanal, Director, Clinic for Dissociative Studies

“I have been very moved and also inspired by your words. You have produced a remarkable work which has the potential to help many people.” Fay Maxted, The Survivors Trust

“Betty Hughes has written a unique, extraordinary and important book…The gift of the book is Betty’s ability to record and express her journey deep into the myriad depths of her psyche to a point where she is barely hanging on to life by a ‘gossamer’ thread… For anyone in therapy it tells a brave courageous and heartening story.” Yolanda Ironside